About BLiDiS

BLiDiS Ltd. is a company specialized in designing and manufacturing of products from glass mosaic tiles.
Our goal is the Blidis Digital Fresco name be associated with art by mosaic, accessibility and innovation in the glass mosaic design.
Our potential clients are contractors and builders, architects, interior designers and individual owners.
Our products are applicable into the interior of homes, hotels, spas, restaurants, casinos, shops, beauty salons, houses, public buildings and exterior solutions.
Our productivity and resources allow us to implement any order, regardless of type and size, in very short unprecedented period at surprisingly affordable price.
Glass mosaic tiles have exclusive aesthetic qualities and proven functional advantages for many applications.
The advanced technologies developed by BLiDiS Ltd. offer flexibility to the designers and extend the areas of use of this stylish, elegant and for many applications indispensable material for wall art and design.

Random Products

893,83 € (744,86 € excl VAT) / psc
144,61 € (120,50 € excl VAT) / m²
129,34 € (107,78 € excl VAT) / m²
1.908,50 € (1.590,41 € excl VAT) / psc
121,54 € (101,28 € excl VAT) / m²
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