Guarantee Information

BLiDiS ensure that the products for each contract pass outgoing quality control.
For all complaints and disputes about the quality of products supplied by BLiDiS, we must be informed in writing immediately upon receipt of the goods and / or prior to installation of the material, but not later than 7 days. The installation of the material will void the rights of any action by the buyer for any complaint or claim, for both visible and concealed faults, and will imply implicit acceptance of the goods supplied, and waiver of the guarantee.
Color and/or hues variations should not, and will not be considered as a flaw in the material. In the case of proven defective tiles at time of sale, they will be replaced at our expense. In the event of a damaged package, you must write "with reserve" when signing for acceptance of delivery by courier. Otherwise the guarantee of goods in the package gets lost.

Due to the unique nature of the product and labor involved in creating them, they are non-refundable.

Random Products

475,69 € (396,41 € excl VAT) / m²
124,22 € (103,51 € excl VAT) / m²
36,30 € (30,25 € excl VAT) / m
121,95 € (101,62 € excl VAT) / m²
97,74 € (81,45 € excl VAT) / psc
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