Shipping Information

We use various courier and freight services. We have an superior discount off the regular prices for UPS standard and EMS shipping to North America, so shipping is safe, fast, and also very inexpensive. For each individual contract we suggest various options and you can select the most suitable transport for you.
Delivery time: The time of the actual transport will depend on the method of transport selected. In general, EMS/UPS takes 5-7 days, while cargo or sea freight can take up to 3-4 weeks.

Standard shipping quotes do not include insurance.
We cannot be responsible for damage or loss during shipping.
At your request we will include insurance costs in the shipping quote.

All our prices do not include VAT or customs duties. Private customers in the EU must always pay the VAT. Private customers outside of the EU do not have to pay VAT, but they may have to pay customs duties on import.
Registered companies, with VAT number or the equivalent for your country, are exempt from the VAT sales tax whether within or outside of the EU. Customs duties still apply to registered companies outside the EU.

Random Products

173,96 € (144,97 € excl VAT) / psc
21,11 € (17,59 € excl VAT) / m
123,77 € (103,14 € excl VAT) / m²
638,55 € (532,12 € excl VAT) / psc
470,91 € (392,43 € excl VAT) / m²
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